Municipality of Santa Catalina

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Good Public Transportation System is vital to the economic advancement of the local economy. In view of this, the Local Government Unit of Sta. Catalina proposed to implement a policy to cater the daily travel needs of the general public.

The proposed sustainable public transport plan for the municipality of Sta. Catalina is embodied in this document intends to address the following stated goals leading to its vision and mission for a safe smart town.

  1. a) Enhance transport equity;
  2. b) Reduce air pollution from transport;
  3. c) Improve public transport quality;
  4. d) Improve road safety; and
  5. e) Reduce traffic congestion.

The LPTRP aims to guide LGU Sta. Catalina in determining the appropriate public transportation routes within its locality based on passenger demands and corresponding public transport services. To help realize the above-mentioned objectives, the LPTRP prepared by Sta. Catalina should be easy to understand and responsive to the transport and mobility needs of one locality. The LPTRP is also in conformance with and integrated with other local plans such as CLUP and CDP. Lastly, the LPTRP should be monitored and evaluated following the same cycle of CLUP review or as frequently required.

Legal Framework and Composition of LPTRP Team

Pursuant to DOTr Department Order No. 2017-001 dated June 19, 2017 and DOTr-DILG JMC No. 001 series of 2017 dated June 19, 2017, which states: There is a need to create the Local Public Transport Route Plan Committee.

The Sta. Catalina Public Transport Route Plan Committee was reorganized through an Executive Order No. __, Series of 2022 which shall be tasked to craft the Local Public Transport Route Plan for the Municipality of Sta. Catania. The LPTRP Team was therefore created and is composed of the following:

Chairperson:         Edgar R. Rapanut, CPA
                                Municipal Mayor

Co-Chairperson:  Cipriano R. Rafanan
                                SB Committee Chair, Transportation

Members:            Angelo Javier B. Rapisura
                              Planning Officer I